11 June 2008

Oh boy, have I got news for you!

The story is almost unbelievable:

A man was handcuffed, arrested and dragged before a court after falling off the settee with laughter while watching Have I Got News For You.

Christopher Cocker, 36, was enjoying the BBC1 show when a joke made by panellist Paul Merton had him doubled up with laughter.

He collapsed on the floor - but the thud startled his downstairs neighbour who, believing he had collapsed, called police.
It seems that exaggerated sense of humor (like in ROTFLMAO) should be restrained in some cases. On the other hand, some may say that this has happened due to BBC being biased.

Not only was the man arrested, he has also been sprayed by something called PARVA and punched for his trouble.
Jonathan Taylor, defending, said: 'The officer accepts in his statement that he struck my client and then sprayed him again.'
All this for getting tetchy about disclosing his name. Which, upon retrospection, could be a bit of a burden indeed in this case...

But I shall not rest before I point out the real culprit of this mishap. Which is no other than the contractor who built the building where Mr Cocker and his attentive neighbor reside. After all, if the sound of a body descending from a sofa for a bit of ROTFLMAO could disturb the neighbor, it says everything about the quality of acoustic protection. It is simply criminal, I say.