12 June 2008

Judge Alex Kozinski and visual art

So what - a judge with a lively interest in photography? Matter of taste, I say.

Besides - he is in charge of a big obscenity case right now, and without doubt he is entitled to an in-depth study of the subject matter - that is, before he comes up with a decision. Or whatever a judge must come up with. Here is the picture of the judge:

The picture illustrates the curse all photographers are trying to cope with: you just have to show that left hand raised (for some reason, no matter), and then you can't get rid of the lady on the right that is in no way what the photographer really intended to start with...

Anyhow, I hope not to be convicted in an obscene act after posting the above picture. To balance the impression, I am offering the surfers another one, for sure totally innocent:

So relax and stop looking for the judge's collection of dirty pictures.

OK, if you absolutely have to - click here.

P.S. If you know how this freaking flower is called, let me know - it's in my garden, for crying out loud!