16 October 2015

Zionists torment the spirit of Ahmed Mansara, the 13 yrs old martyr

A new remarkable Zionist crime was outed, this time by the Israeli Physicians for Human Rights organization. Due to uniqueness of the occasion, I have to quote large swaths of the original text, so bear with me (and enjoy):

In response to the publication of the picture of 13-year-old Ahmed Manasra, the Israeli Physicians for Human Rights organization released a statement saying that the group takes a grave view of the release of a photo of Mansara, a minor, in the hospital at Hadassah University Medical Center at Ein Karem in Jerusalem.

On Wednesday evening Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of "executing" Ahmed, even though he was still alive, and the Prime Minister's Office on Thursday released photos of Mansara in the hospital. A senior Israeli official said the move was meant to refute Abbas' claim that Mansara was executed by Israeli soldiers.

“The fact that it is a photo of a minor in custody who was photographed without his parents’ permission” is a violation of juvenile law and privacy laws, the organization said. In addition, the picture was taken at a medical facility “apparently with the approval of its management,” the organization claimed, adding that this would be a violation of medical ethics requiring maintenance of the confidentiality of medical information and respect for the patient.
And to cap all this, a bit more:
“In addition, Physicians for Human Rights takes a grave view of the fact that the public has been briefed with details of [Mansara’s] condition while his parents are prevented from visiting him and have not been provided medical information on the condition of their son. Furthermore, one can see from the picture that Ahmed is bound to his bed, in violation of juvenile law, which bars [such] constraints on a minor,” the organization stated.
For the random future reader - a reminder re the youngster:
Ahmed and his relative, 17-year-old Mohammed Mansara, carried out a stabbing attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev on Monday.
I am not going to enter the fray as far as the legalese is concerned, just repeat what an astute watcher of Middle Eastern affairs, Dave McAvoy said:
Well according to Abbas he's dead. And the privacy laws and medical ethics in regards to releasing pictures of underage ghosts in captivity have yet to be made clear.

Hm... no, I can't resist: Ahmed, the dead terrorist - anyone?