16 October 2015

Ayman Mohyeldin (MSNBC): from where we are lying...

The so called "Ayman Mohyeldin controversy" (not that I can see much of a controversy here - just a little SOB blandly distorting reality to suit his agenda) is described in this post quite well, including a bit from Mr Mohyeldin's past. Very much recommended.

So the liar was caught in flagrante delicto, a satisfactory event by itself. I would like to gloat about something from the recording, probably missed by most viewers. Notice the slip of the tongue that happens at about 1'30" into the recording:

"...we can clearly see from where we were lying... oops from where we were standing..."

I know I will be overdoing it a bit, but can you deny yourself such an innocent little pleasure?

Lying or Lie may refer to:
  • Lie, a deliberate untruth
  • Lying (position), a horizontal position
Yeah, just keep lying, Ayman.