26 October 2015

So what does Guardian think about it? We want St. Seumas back!

The article Arab Israeli uses paraglider to 'join rebel fighters in Syria' leaves a strange aftertaste. Aside of its lede that doesn't have a lot to do with the event itself, rather with its consequences, it is a dry retelling of the story, without anything especially negative about the Zionist Entity. Oh, here is that lede:

Binyamin Netanyahu vows to revoke 23-year-old’s citizenship after Israeli military believes he crossed border at Golan Heights to link up with rebel group.
This is not what I normally expect from the Guardian's World > Middle East > Israel section. When one goes to an article there, one knows that the Entity will be drawn and quartered immediately, starting with the headline.

But not this time. Strange. Actually, it was strange for a moment, then I recalled that St. Seumas got a new job, leaving the Israel-bashing team of the Guardian in somewhat of a disarray. Temporary, I am sure.

P.S. Oh, and the article itself is from AFP, it appears. Curiousier and curiosier.

As for the event itself: methinks a sale of paragliders is strongly indicated. Everyone who wants to join Daesh should be accomodated - Russian air force is desperate for new targets, I hear.

So there.