10 October 2015

Move aside, BBC - here comes the Indie!

Enough grumbling about BBC's artistry with headlines, the competition is quite hot right now, and the righteous indignation of Israelis, hardly believing their eyes, should move to another British media outfit. But first things first. The story, as told by Israeli sources, is quite simple:

The perp succeeds to wound two (randomly chosen, of course) Jews and is shot by a policeman. Sounds simple and straightforward, doesn't it? You would think so, but Independent's folks have found another way to present the story:

Nice, ain't it? And makes the BBC's attempt at misrepresentation somewhat pale in comparison. The second version of the headline of the same story is also quite interesting:

Now we have two seemingly independent (no pun intended) events: "Israeli security forces" kill a boy and, besides, there was some stubbing in Jerusalem.

When you click through, though, another "surprise" awaits you at the headline of the article

Meaning, for an uninvolved and hardly interested enough to read the whole piece reader, that the bloodthirsty Israelis continue the unimpeded killing of Palestinians.

Doesn't it hurt to be so full of excrement, dear Independent?

Update: Y.Medad of My Right World noticed another telling wrinkle: the judicious use of the word "allegedly" by the (alleged) idiots: