29 October 2015

IDF - politically and socially incorrect toward the Palestinian stabbers

In their latest review of the wave of stabbings, Amnesia Amnesty International blames IDF in:

  1. Failing to produce timely trigger warnings before using deadly force towards the stabbers.
  2. Failing to create a safe zone for would be and already been stabbers.
  3. Overreacting to the stabbing act itself, which act is clearly no more than a microaggression that should be treated by timely implementation of 1. and 2.
Dr. Pipper Bluto, Director of Political Correctness for Lesser Hebrides (Amnesty International), brought up his own example from that time in the Lesser Hebrides when, misunderstood by the natives, he was somewhat inconvenienced by several piercing instruments, as depicted in the photo:

However his good will and powers of persuasion eventually won the day and were awarded by undying popularity among and brotherly love from the aforementioned natives.

IDF response is still awaited, first informal reaction being somewhat incoherent. Probably because of being produced solely in Hebrew, which is a language not recognized by Amnesty International.