30 October 2015

Inhuman zionist Sisi Regime to flood border with Gaza Strip to destroy tunnels

Since the winter rains have already started here, with vengeance, I have started to look at the usual fodder: complaints from the anti-Israeli regulars about them Zionists flooding Gaza. You know, by opening these (non-existing) dams somewhere in the Israeli Far East to pour rainwater upon unsuspecting peaceful denizens of Gaza. To my surprise, I wasn't successful so far. Probably somebody in the Gazan branch of the Pallywood decided that this specific element of the victimization narrative will be kept on the back shelf.

However, my search was not totally fruitless, and I have found something interesting. Witness the headline of this post, copy/pasted from an article published on a site called "Islamic Invitation Turkey" (don't ask me about the meaning, please). The article tells that:
Egypt plans to deluge the area along the border with the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip with water in an attempt to destroy the underground tunnels between the country and the Palestinian territory.

“The Egyptian army has begun to build huge pipelines along the border with the Gaza Strip,” a Palestinian security source said on Wednesday, the Turkish news agency, Anadolu, reported.

He explained that the Egyptian plan “aims to destroy underground tunnels by filling the area with water.”
Interesting, innit. Well, the language, especially that of the headline reflects on some unhappiness of the Turkish leadership with Egypt.

Oh well...