06 October 2015

The breasts that feed the world culture and keep it going

Picasso, Chagall and Renoir - move aside, please. Here comes a new era of painting - new, exciting (I kid you not) and, hopefully, lead by female artists. I am talking about breasts painting, a technique discovered and lead by a Moscow artist, Irina Romanovskaya, whose brush boobs produced the unforgettable image of the fearless leader you can see and enjoy above. Here comes Irina:

As you can plainly see, Irina doesn't lack tools for this new art wave.

Ms Romanovskaya discloses a small part of her masterful technique in this clip (male readers, do not build up your perverted expectations, please):

Being a pioneer, Irina has a dream too:
I would want to give these paintings to Putin and Medvedev, but how would they react if they found out about the unconventional painting technique?
I should think that the two must be grateful, madam, so no worries on this account.

And here, as usual, some juvenile and condescending Western response to the genius of the lady:

No matter, silly laughs notwithstanding, I would like to ask Irina for a candid portrait of Stalin, in green if you please.

Of course, as a typical representative of the lesser gender, I feel somewhat discombobulated by my inability to join this new art wave. Most men* are not properly equipped for the task, so we better leave it to the ladies. However, we can experiment in another, somewhat related, domain. And here is a sample of Putin's portrait (only an initial draft), made using another, quite advanced, technique - by a male artist:

Notice that the author added some hair where it doesn't really exists on the subject's head. No doubt, this act stems from male solidarity...

I wonder, could the two techniques described here be combined and how would the amalgam of the two look? The future of art is undoubtedly bright. Oh, and exciting too, not to forget.

(*) The males who are well developed in the bosom area usually are not artistically talented or inclined, methinks. Oh well...