15 March 2015

Chemtrails over Swedish parliament

Well, it escalated quickly. Nah, it is a wrong beginning for this post.

It has escalated for years. Years ago the first yahoo looked up at the sky and, seeing a vapor trail from a passing jet, scratched his unkempt head. Since the scratching caused his few brain cells to bump together, the result was a moment of enlightenment that spread like wildfire through the conspiracy-mongering community. Today the term "chemtrails" is one of the mainstays of the said community, so much so that it has become a recognized term, for instance in Wiki.

Chemistry being a boundless field of different compounds, every conspinut could fill the chemtrail by the substance (or substances) his/her particular imagination fears the most. Add biology with its plethora of bacterial and viral menaces, and chemtrails become a rival of the most powerful conspiracies, getting comparable even to (I don't believe I am saying this) the House of Rothschilds!

Still, all these were the juvenile years. True, the numbers of chemtrail conspinuts grew and the Internet presence of the ubiquitous photographs of the trails became a daily affair, but so far not a single "official" voice was raised in support of the chemtrail menace from the skies. Unlike the 9/11 conspinuts who count in their midst quite a few government officials and politicos, poor chemtrail sufferers were, so to say, orphaned. They felt like fringe folks and, to be sure, behaved like ones:

My heart goes out to them, really. It is a shame that no one was there to explain that the tinfoil beanie should cover the ears and the back of the head down to the neck to be of some (limited) effectiveness against the Elders' mind control rays. In short, they are alone in the desert of life, exposed to the uncounted dangers, chemtrails only one of these.

Until now. Because the deliverance is nigh and a new wind is being broken - in Swedish Parliament, no less!

Er... something went wrong with the previous sentence, I am afraid, but no matter, I shall get to it at some later stage. To the article at hand:
So persistent is the chemtrail theory that US government agencies regularly receive calls from irate citizens demanding an explanation. Pernilla Hagberg, a Swedish politician, even raised the issue.
A Swedish politician, no less! Now the chemtrail conspinuts have a powerful backing and are able (deservedly) to come out with headlines similar to this:
Swedish Official Admits Toxic ‘Chemtrails’ Are Real, NOT a Wild Conspiracy Theory
There are some reedy voices claiming the Ms Hagberg is not a politician, at least not a "Swedish Green Party leader", as it is claimed:

Too little and to late, Mr Blomberg: the intertubes will ignore your lone cry and, in fact, already are ignoring it. Conspinuts are celebrating this unexpected reinforcement all over the world. And here is the final blow to the reactionary forces of chemtrail producers and coverers - a rousing speech about Pernilla Hagberg.

Warning to the faint of heart: whether the speaker is or isn't Green, she is Green not only ideologically. Be ready for it.

I watched the above recording till the end and highly recommend it. Probably the voice and the general hue of it are psychedelic, since after about 30 seconds of watching I have totally lost the thread of the subject matter, but after it ended I was filled to the brim with an indescribable euphoria. I shall definitely watch it again.

I am confident that the recording might serve as a remedy against the poisonous chemtrails. So groovy it made me feel.



LouiseShah said...

Thank you for this. I had no idea. Must be because of those chemtrails.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

You are welcome, and yes, it is a good reason. We may ignore chemtrails just because the poison in teh chemtrails tells us to ignore them...

Sennacherib said...

You shouldn't be publicizing the videos my family makes of themselves.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Royal families should be used to the constant limelight. It only makes them stronger.

Dick Stanley said...

If I have to consider loony conspiracy theories, I'd prefer the one about the space aliens running everything.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

But the alien conspiracy makes all the others redundant, whether this one adds nicely to the overall tapestry.