06 March 2015

Kremlin for sale: submit your bids, folks

This smashing news item was published on February 17, but I hope it's not too late. At least there wasn't any notice of sale made final yet. So check this out.

The official website of Gostorg* submitted Kremlin for sale. As the cause of the urgent sale the description of the lot offers "shortage of funds to help Novorossiya**". The starting price for Kremlin is set to 30 rubles.

The notice of Kremlin sale was posted on the official state website on February 17th. The beneficiary, as the description of the lot says, is administration of the Nizhneserginsky District, represented by Valery Eremeev - head of the administration. The status of sale was changed to "canceled/revoked," and the reason for the cancellation stated: "information was leaked to outsiders."

The initial selling price of the Kremlin is 30 rubles, auction step - 2 rubles. As stated, there is an encumbrance: "Russian President Vladimir Putin is the current occupier of the property, but should move out within 30 days from the date of sale of the building." In "the terms of the contract of sale" it is stated that "all proceeds from the sale are to be transferred to the account of the Novorossiya's militia***". For the money transfer the lot description carries a number of Savings Bank account.

The trading in the lot is prohibited to "any foreign and Russian legal entities in which at least 50% of the share capital is owned by members of the United Russia party or their close relatives, as well as citizens and individual entrepreneurs who are members of the said party, or who are in close relationship with the members of the said party (spouse, children, parents)".

In detailed description of the property it is stated that the building is in excellent condition, after restoration, equipped with a security system and special communication systems. Two underground floors. Convenient parking.

The responder at the support telephone number that is listed on the Gostorg site, would not comment on the sale of the property. The officer in question stated that all complaints of proposals for trading are considered by the Federal Antimonopoly Service, and claims are to be sent directly to the initiator of the specific trading. At the time of delivery of the material the calls to the administration of Nizhneserginsky District weren't answered. RBC [the source of the article] has sent the administration a written request for comment.

(*) An official government site that offers property for sale.
(**) The part of Ukraine Russia is aiming to grab lately.
(***) Meaning the pro-Russian militia, of course.

 The snapshot of the sale notice from the Gostorg site:
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