02 March 2015

Boris Nemtsov murder: the 7 dead cameras mystery

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More interesting details on Boris Nemtsov's murder. Check out this picture of the crime scene: two CCTV cameras on the right pole and 5 (five) on the left one. Not a single recording surfaced from any on these. I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories, and in Russia there usually are enough good mundane reasons for gadgets not working as they are supposed to work.

The murder scene, however, is plumb in the middle of the most protected and most watched "neighborhood" in the whole of Moscow (should I explain why? - I guess not, the picture is telling enough). 

The Russian blogger Igor (aka "The Sapient") that published this picture, adds:
I have two options: either, during the installation of cameras, the money was stolen and instead of the cameras cast imitation installed, or ... well, let's leave one option only. I promised not to invent versions.

So there.


Dick Stanley said...

OT, what I've told you before from my gut instinct is now confirmed by polling:


And the headline here neglects the poll finding that Americans of all ages have grown more supportive of Israel in the past 15 years.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Looks good to me. Thanks for the link.

David All said...

Yes this is Putin's equivalent of Stalin murdering his party rival, Kirov in 1934. Looks like Vladimir I has already found his fall guys in the form of supposed Muslim assasins. Wonder if this will become the basis for a whole bunch of show trials like Stalin used Kirov's murder for?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh, Vladimir Vladimirovich doesn't have to search for fall guys. His Chechen buddy, Kadyrov, keeps a whole bunch of them ready to spring into action (meaning to confess).

As for a bunch of show trials - I don't think he needs them in his current situation. 85% approval rate is not to be monkeyed with.