07 March 2015

Fully operational FEMA camp doubles as a police torture center in Chicago!

Proof in this picture:

Some details (not for persons under 18!):
With regard to law enforcement in Chicago, we are acquiescing in the face of tyranny. We are accepting thuggery and the existence of torture programs which are supported and funded by our locally elected leaders. For those of you that do not think that FEMA camps are not real, you may want to pay close attention to the rest of the contents of this article. To those who are blinded by cognitive dissonance, we have operation FEMA camps torturing and killing Americans today. The proof resides in the following paragraphs.

In an investigative report, The Guardian boldly alleges that rogue units of the Chicago Police Department maintains a secret interrogation compound in Homan Square. Citizens have accused the Chicago police of having subjected Americans to rendition. Victims are unable to be found by family or attorneys while undergoing enhanced interrogation similar to the CIA.
The most chilling detail in the article - it ends with:
Alex Jones mentioned a quote from Solzhenitsyn that I have used many times in order the
My only hope is that we'll hear from the author, a courageous man that goes under moniker "common sense". Here is what he looks like (looked like, while writing the piece, at least - who knows what was done to him by now):

Let common sense go, you reactionary godless NWO Illuminati! Otherwise I will re