24 March 2015

Just a good story

In 1921, one of the blackest years in Russian history, painter Boris Kustodiev, who was working on a Portrait of Chaliapin at the time, was visited by two penniless youngsters who asked him to draw their portrait. One of the pair was 27 years old, the other - 25. They promised the painter two things: that they will become famous and that they will pay by a sack of flour. The wise guys got the flour by repairing something at a mill. Kustodiev just couldn't refuse the rare at the time merchandise. And the two heroes of our story had to keep to their other promise.

Nikolay Semenov (on the right) got the 1956 Nobel Prize in chemistry and Pyotr Kapitsa got his Nobel Prize in physics in 1978.

That's all. I couldn't check the particulars of the story, but doesn't it sound good?

Lifted from a FB blogger Lilit Abrahamyan.