10 December 2014

On the False Parallel Between Gaza and Northern Ireland

I wouldn't know where to start quoting from this superb article by Eamonn MacDonagh, so the easiest way I have chosen is to copy its conclusion:

One thing is certain, however: The fairy tale version of the conflict in Northern Ireland offers no useful guidance to any party in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Quite the opposite, in fact.

To the Israelis, it offers only the illusion that spontaneous concessions to their enemies will bring them something better than their enemies’ contempt followed by further demands.

In regard to the Palestinians, it misrepresents the nature of Hamas’ ideology and whitewashes the organization’s dedication to violence and even genocide. In effect, it reduces the Palestinians to colorful Orientals incapable of meaning what they actually say.

Most importantly, however, the fairy tale actually makes peace less likely by recommending capitulation to terrorism rather than a determined and patient fight against it. In fact, that determined fight was the only thing that ultimately brought the IRA to the negotiating table.

There can be no doubt that the last thing the people of the Middle East need is anything that makes peace less likely. For their sake, let us hear no more of the Northern Ireland fairy tale.
And mind - not to read it amounts to a crime against yourself.


Dick Stanley said...

The comparison never did hold water.

Dick Stanley said...

And sure to be the most violated.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes indeed, but it's still used quite extensively. Thus the article is important.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I sincerely hope so.