29 December 2014

Jesse Ventura vs the dead hero's estate

I hope this time the court reconsiders:

The widow of Chris Kyle, author of "American Sniper" and subject of Clint Eastwood's latest film of the same name, is appealing former Navy SEAL and Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura's successful defamation award against Kyle's estate.
In our world, where people's worth is measured by their prowess in court of law, this could happen.

A reminder of what has started the whole story:

And what is the price of this, Mr Ventura:
“I’m already damaged,” he said. “I can’t go to a SEAL reunion anymore. That was the one place where I always felt safe. I can’t go there anymore without looking over my shoulder now wondering who is going to come after me next.”
Good. SEALs know a vermin when they see one.

As for the previous court decision:
At the time of the decision, David Bradley Olsen, Ventura's attorney in the suit, said his team successfully proved Kyle's writing "was a lie" in the eyes of the law.
A lie in the eyes of the law... yeah, now tell it to the SEALs.

And, since this post is about Chris Kyle and a vermin, here is  another vermin for you to meet: