09 December 2014

Adam Everett Livvix, Reuters and selective gagging

Two news organizations report on the same case. Of course, you would expect that there will be differences in the report, after all we are not robots and people tend to see things differently. For instance, the report on one Adam Everett Livvix by Reuters and by ToI.

To start with, Reuters calls him Livvix and ToI has gone for Livix. Nah, not a reason to start a war. But then, take a look at that part (from ToI):

Israel Police said that Livix, who lived in Hebron and Bethlehem in 2013, was asked at that time by a Palestinian operative if he would assassinate Obama with a sniper’s rifle during the president’s visit, but Livix refused to do so.
Now try to find a mention of that part in Reuters report. I dare you.

Do you think that somebody in Reuters will care to explain why this small detail was omitted?

Correction: this was a Reuters article and not AP, as previously posted.
With thanks to commenter Emdash.