27 December 2014

Crimea, sweet Crimea

Some people decry the coming end of chocolate, and some, more optimistic, invent new ways to make us consume more of that sweet enchantment. The Russian chocolate factory "Chocolate Traditions" in  Novosibirsk offers a new set of various chocolates for the holidays under a general topic "Crimea - Pride of Russia". Here is the offer:

The first box, the brown one in the upper left side of the picture, is called by the general topic name, simply "Crimea - Pride of Russia". The one below, more inventively: "Crimea - Check and Mate". The one in blue, on the right side, is named "Crimea - the Fairy Tale of the South". The last one, the candy bar in the lower part, the one with the Russified Superman, is the best, in my humble, being named "Crimea - Come and Take it!".

Bon Appetit.

Hat tip: M.T.