24 December 2014

And then Hamas states...

Check out this sequence of events (links for each headline provided)

Gaza militants reportedly open fire on southern Israel; IDF return fire
(11:16 , 12.24.14)

Palestinian reports: Heavy exchange of fire in south Gaza
(11:24 , 12.24.14)

Farmers near Gaza border fence ordered to halt work
(11:31 , 12.24.14)

Hamas: Head of recon unit in south Gaza killed in IDF gunfire exchange
(11:43 , 12.24.14)

And, for a logical conclusion:

Hamas: Israel playing with fire and bears full responsibility for repercussions
(12:09 , 12.24.14)

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Sennacherib said...

Right back at you and all my Torah toting friends happy Hannakuh, and any other appropriate salutation!

SnoopyTheGoon said...


peterthehungarian said...

There are much better lawyers on the case: The Argentina's Association of Professionals and Lawyers for Animal Rights.
And they found a sympathetic judge...

File under: Stupidity has only low limit.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh boy.... that's almost too much. Thanks.

Dick Stanley said...

Presume her "freedom" comes with a socialist stipend of bananas or some such to help her cope with the "free market" wilderness. Perhaps self-defense training as well. Altho I'm sure she won't be getting a weapon.