16 December 2014

Dear Amnesty International: fuck you very much

Hardly a week passes by without another broadside from Amnesty International in the general direction of the Zionists. This time, though, this outfit crossed the boundary between irresponsible and biased critic into the absurd hate-mongering.

The human rights group Amnesty International said Israel attacks on four high-rise Gaza buildings during the summer war amounted to war crimes.
This while being forced to confess that:
...no one was killed in the attacks because the Israeli military warned of the impending bombing, but many in the neighborhood were injured by debris.
So where is the war crime? Here:
Amnesty International's Phillip Luther said the destruction "was carried out deliberately and with no military justification."
And how do we know that there wasn't a justification? Just because:
Even if the Israeli authorities had good reason to believe that a part of a building was being used for military purposes, they had an obligation to choose means and methods of attack that would minimize harm to civilians and their property.
And how does Amnesty International know that there indeed was a method like that? They are not saying.

And you know what: if IDF used another method of dealing with tunnel-riddled and booby-trapped highrises that might have endangered a hair on the head of a single soldier, I (and other 99% of Israeli population) would have accused IDF of a crime against its soldiers. That simple.

As for Amnesty International: where were we? Oh yes - fuck them.


Sennacherib said...

An excellent anatomical communication.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thank you, kind Sire/Majesty ;-)

Rick Caird said...

I suppose, then, amnesty also condemns the rocket attacks. Right?

Dick Stanley said...

Soldiers first, always. Put me down as another fan of disproportionate response.

Dick Stanley said...

In your dreams.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

They are getting to it, surely, but the various Zionist atrocities keep cropping up and interfere with the plan.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I wish we could show some of it directly to a few folks of Amnesty.