13 November 2013

Rebecca Rosen: a chance to mend ties with my ancestors?

Finally a working and proven channel of communications is open and available:

Rosen lists her profession as “psychic medium,” and her specialty is communing with the dead, acting as “the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world.”
This is, probably, my last chance, at least during the current term, to mend my relationships with some (almost all, practically) of my ancestors who turned their backs on me. I can't go into the sordid details, but several... er... let's call them excesses and misdemeanors of my youth ruined me in the eyes of the progenitors. The usual phone links are not of any help, since the elders are blocking my calls, so Ms Rosen is my only hope.

On the other hand, I just read this:
Rosen says she has a nearly eight-year waiting list for her services.
Looks like I'll have to beg for forgiveness in face-to face meetings... too bad.