27 November 2013

A good way for your head to be hit by a rock

There ain't no good way to be hit on your head by a rock, you might exclaim immediately. And you will be plumb wrong, because:

Daniel Seidemann, one of the country’s top experts on the politics of Jerusalem and a longtime activist who founded the NGOs Ir Amim and Terrestrial Jerusalem, was struck by a rock thrown through his car window on Saturday*. He was wounded in the back of his head, requiring stitches.
And, apparently, it was a nice, properly calculated boink, since Daniel reports:
I come away from this day with a few insights.
What can I say? Trading a few stitches for a few insights - sounds like a deal to me. Who knows, we may yet revolutionize our education system. Making it much cheaper, aside of intellectual benefits that are only too obvious.

(*) Just to make sure you understand: the rock was delivered upon Daniel's head by a Palestinian (kid?) in East Jerusalem.

Via: Elder of Ziyon.