23 November 2013

Cheap wisecracks on the war of genders

There is some additional info on the male protagonist here:
According to reports, Markovitz owns three strip clubs in Detroit and is working on developing a TV reality series for Cinemax based on his businesses.
Oh Alan, Alan. With all that might, you are still not a mensch enough. You should have erected that monument inside your ex's property, man!

To San Francisco now*:
A San Francisco nudism activist was arrested at a rally she organized to protest her previous conviction for violating the city's public nudity ban.
Of course, the keyword "nudism" triggers all the right moves here, and I have surfed to get to the bottom (so to say) of that case, and here it is. I am not going to bother re-posting the visual aid here. But one thing should be made clear: these bloggers are convinced that full nudity should be judged case by case, and in this case we have to say no. So there.

A special opinion from Ms N: that cop on the right, though, is not half bad...

When I see an article starts with words "... researchers", I shudder with foreboding. Will it be another case of calculating carbon footprint of a cat or a dog? That one didn't add a lot to the body of human knowledge too, it seems:
British researchers have pinpointed several reasons why boys are the weaker sex.
Ha! I have been married for... no matter, but all these years I have been drumming that same drum, without the benefit of consulting the Brits. Of course, we, the males, are more fragile, sensitive and need a lot of attention just to survive. And meat and potatoes and beer and single malt and... well, you know the drill.

However, the eggheads added a new angle:
The study, published in the journal Pediatric Research, found boys are 14 percent more likely to be born preterm than girls.
That I completely fail to begin to understand. What is the rush? The only environment that is completely friendly to the inhabitant, and the male babies are in a hurry to leave it? For crying out loud. Someone must do something about it. Someone must warn my fellow men that nothing good awaits them outside.

(*) I fully realize that looking for quirks in San Francisco is like shooting fish in a fishmonger's. Besides, the SFO local wouldn't dig this anyhow. So - apologies all around.