22 November 2013

How Bush Let Iran Go Nuclear - a bonus from Haaretz to Obama via NYT

This nod in the direction of the "previous administration" (although today, close to the end of 2013, this term rather fits the current administration) is, probably, more than a most thick-skinned NYT scribe could manage. So they have outsourced it to the Haaretz' Ari Shavit, and his rich imagination and ability to weave words together have done... well, a fairly crappy job.

If Mr. Bush had decided to display American leadership and exercise American power by launching a diplomatic campaign against Iran rather than a military one against Iraq 10 years ago, the United States’ international standing would be far greater today.

The Bush administration’s decision to go after Iraq rather than Iran was a fatal one, and the long-term consequences are only now becoming clear, namely a devastating American failure in the battle to prevent a nuclear Iran, reflected in Washington’s willingness to sign a deeply flawed agreement.
At least now, if you have a need to wash some unwashable political underwear, you know where to go.

So there.