14 November 2013

Palestinian negotiating team resigns. Again.

Not the most overwhelming news item, I agree:

The Palestinian negotiating team has resigned and will not participate in peace talks with the Israelis, a spokesman for the Palestinian mission to the United Nations told CNN Wednesday.

"The team resigned due to the Israeli illegal practices, especially settlement activities," Rabii Hantouli said in an e-mail. "There are efforts to convince them to revert."
I hope that John Kerry, the only man in the world who (allegedly) understands and is able to unravel the complicated knots of local politics, will explain the above in the light of the following (from the same article):
The announcement came a day after Israel canceled controversial plans to construct more than 20,000 homes in East Jerusalem and on the West Bank.

Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel made the decision after Netanyahu asked him to reconsider the long-term building plans.
Interesting, ain't it?