22 November 2013

Enough with this nonsense, pretty please...

Stuff like this, I mean:

"There is an urgent need for Washington to take action to prompt Beijing to change its approach to cyberspace and deter future Chinese cyber theft," said the commission, set up by Congress to make policy recommendations.
Does somebody from NSA prepare these "policy recommendations"?

Or this:
With a queue stretching at least a kilometre, a hi-tech exhibition giving a rosy view of the house of Romanov and jointly organised by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Kremlin has drawn tens of thousands of visitors in central Moscow.

In another sign of the power of the Russian Orthodox Church in post-Soviet Russia, it is a holy icon which has drawn the crowds as much as nostalgia for Russia's ousted monarchy.
Sure, sure, and this is only logical, seeing the situation soberly:

Still, I prefer that one:

More... er... cuddly, ain't it?

At least here we see some normalcy and consistency... of a kind:
The president's support for the rule change comes eight years after then-Senator Obama opposed such a measure, warning in 2005 that "the bitterness and the gridlock will only get worse" if the rules were changed.
Nu, what are you crying about, the life is going on, people!