27 November 2013

A quick question re Scottish independence

I don't personally have anything against the idea they all talk about so much lately, let me make it clear. Although I am not sure I understand this:

An independent Scotland would retain Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, keep the pound sterling currency, and remain within the European Union, according to a policy document presented by Scotland's devolved government Tuesday.
But I am more than sure that Mr Salmond (yes, I am sorely tempted, but I shall prevail for now) knows how to go about it. And I hope that the move will make the single malt cheaper, although I fear that, like any revolution, this one will have the opposite effect.

Anyhow, the question was this: seeing as how the Scottish folks have one of the most (if not the most) voluble and fiery Palestinian solidarity campaigners team (who quite openly plan to liquidate the Zionist Entity), calling for the so called "one state solution" for the Jews and Palestinians - seeing this, how come that at home these Scottish folks are no less voluble and fiery a team of secessionists? So much for "Imagine there's no countries...".

There is a bug somewhere in the works, methinks...