22 December 2011

Want a clever kid?

I am asking about the kids, since for you (and me) it's already too late. So, if you want an especially developed heir(ess), send him/her to London. No, not to the London School of Economics or any other haloed establishment of the kind. Check this out.

  • Trainee taxi drivers in London spend 3–4 years learning the city's layout
  • We assessed the brain and memory of trainees before and after this long training
  • Those who qualified experienced increased gray matter in posterior hippocampus
  • Successful qualification was also associated with changes in memory profile
All in all, besides learning a useful trade your kid may become the future Einstein or Dickens. And much cheaper than LSE, too.

Only, what the heck is "posterior hippocampus" and where it is located? No matter, just ask the kid after these 3-4 years...

Hat tip: E.S.


Dick Stanley said...

Posterior? Somewhere in the backside, seems like. Taxi drivers do spend a lot of time sitting down, yes?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

He he he.

NavyOne said...

Interesting. Although it is not hard to learn a city's layout. . .

SnoopyTheGoon said...

But apparently useful.