26 December 2011

The Chanukah Miracle proved…perhaps

The following article comes from the English language version of Haaretz. It claims that, for the first time, archaeological evidence has been discovered that confirms, through artefacts, the written record of the conduct of the Temple service. Of most interest to the writers (and possibly the archaeologists, too) is that evidence has been unearthed supporting the use of oil for burning in lamps in the Temple. Of course, given the time of year, no-one could resist a reference to Chanukah. Further, the final paragraph of the article includes reference to artefacts dating not only to the period of the Second Temple, but also to the time of the Hasmoneans, specifically kings Alexander Jannaeus and John Hyrcanus.

I have to say, as an old Maccabi hand, I hope the evidence holds up. And not just because of the time of year. The more evidence there is for the continuous presence of Jews in Israel as far back as possible (3000 years would be nice), the weaker the argument that Jews "stole" the land from its "rightful occupants" in 1948 becomes. There is already evidence that takes Jewish occupation back to the 5th Century BCE (see this post).

And here is the Ha'aretz story.

By Brian Goldfarb.


Pisa said...

3,000 years, you say? What about a nice hebrew inscription on a shard of pottery discovered in Israel, dating back to king David's time (10th century B.C.)?

I guess that's old enough.

Brian Goldfarb said...

It sure is, Pisa, and very many thanks for the link. 

Now to go and the link to the store of anti-anti-Zionist documentation!

Dick Stanley said...

Thanks for these, though only the Mooselimbs play the no-right-to-the-land game. And proof means nothing to them.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I am not sure we have to play this game with them. But whatever helps...