03 December 2011

RJC faces anger from Ron Paul fans over forum exclusion

The news is interesting:

Supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul deluged the Republican Jewish Coalition's phone lines with complaints after the RJC revealed this morning that it declined to invite Paul to its presidential candidates' forum next week.
Finally some people are waking up.

Read the few foaming comments to this article.


bhch said...

I find it surprising that Ron Paul's flirting with virulent racism and antisemitism hasn't been mentioned in this campaign.  He seems to have been allowed a certain level of respectability by the media. Which makes him dangerous.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh, he is dangerous, no doubt about it. The press, however, still likes him, and so do many Americans. Which is too bad.

bhch said...

I wouldn't say "the press likes him".  He is mostly ignored.  Unfortunately, his past publications and public statements are being ignored as well.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Possibly, and you are right that compared to other runners-up, he is ignored, but I have used quite a few media sources in that one: