10 December 2011

A picture is worth a thousand missiles

While everybody's arguing for or against preemptive strikes on an Iran going nuclear, few people pay attention to a different type of war already going on for quite some time on the virtual battlefield called propaganda.

I've recently had a rather unpleasant surprise when, browsing Jewish and Israel related topics on a forum, I came across a particularly nasty comment about israeli massacres. The poster even bothered to upload a very suggestive picture as tangible proof - and of small children, to boot! This one:

Is it deja vu for you, too? The children in the picture are, of course, two of the three Jewish children murdered by Palestinian Arabs in Itamar last March. Following the link helpfully provided in the comment, I found myself in the virtual midst of our sworn enemies, the Hezbollah. Yes, the picture of Itamar children has been posted on Al Manar as proof of alleged israeli savagery and blood lust...alongside an article to match.

If you click properties you can see that the name of the picture is itamar-massacre-caricature. However, since Israel haters are more than eager to cling to half a hair if only it drips anti-Zionist venom, nobody on their side is likely to even think to check the source of the picture. I bet most of them don't even know what Itamar is. Sure enough, I found the same article, with the same picture, on a number of pro-Palestinian sites. Like this one, which also has a number of links to Atzmon's writings. How suitable.

In the same article there's a picture of a girl holding a "Stop killing us sign":

Oh, this sweet oppressed Palestinian girl...but is she?

Obviously, I thought, since we already know about several "borrowed" pictures, there might be others out there we are still unaware of, harder to detect. That's why I aimed my Google at another choice target, the website of PressTV. As expected, anti-Israel article with big picture of poor Palestinians' homes being destroyed in East Jerusalem by big bad bulldozer-friendly Israelis:

Ach, the never disappointing PressTV! Expect the worse, they will deliver it. Even if they have to shoot themselves in foot, as I'll prove in an instant.

PressTV posted the dusty news on December 5, 2011. But....but...were are the news? Because Electronic Intifada clearly says that the same desperate Palestinian mourned the destruction of his beloved home, this time in Gaza, by same bulldozer watched by same soldier on May 17, 2004. If we ever had any doubt that history repeats itself...

One website that caught my eye proudly claimed "This site provide a complete Islamic browsing". Complete with a heart-breaking plea to boycott Israeli products, and equally heart-breaking pictures:

Islamic, and complete, is it? Somehow, I find it hard to believe that Daled Amos would agree (browse down for the picture).

Which shows that there are not enough pictures of Israeli atrocities against poor Palestinians,despite the army of photographs ready and more than willing to shoot them. The pro-Palestinian media, struggling with a severe shortage of Israeli massacres, came up with recycled and stolen pictures. In other words, they chose to lie. They even use our own dead against us. And they don't even bother to deny it:
It is no longer worthy to describe media and information sector as the fourth power only. Changes happened in the region proved that media is no longer a channel to broadcast news, but it turned to be a news and stance maker station. It makes the act and its reaction.
Clear enough?


Rebecca Lesses said...

This is quite repulsive. I had thought I couldn't be shocked any more, but I am.

KatieNorcross said...

Angered yes.  But here's a way to get even:

When used by a MSU on a US Campus the families of the victims should sue the Campuses at least for $100 million for each picture for defamation.  Will put the MSU out of business for one and probably many Universities.

shira ameer said...

Shockingly I've discovered I can't be shocked anymore.
But really, we've known about this for years, there are so many lies no one (outside the pro-Israel camp) bothers to point them out.

Dick Stanley said...

If, as Stanford economist Thomas Sowell says, American media is not the Fourth Estate but a Fifth Column undermining the country, it stands to reason the Pali media must be worse. Lie? Sure. But disguising Israeli casualties as Arab ones is a first, as far as I know.

Pisa said...

Not just israeli casualties. I recently found a picture of a child seemingly buried alive, paraded as a victim of israeli aggression in Cast Lead. However, the same picture is on a brazilian (I think) site, presented as a victim of some natural catastrophe there (the first picture).

It seems like some "journalists" pick up every gruesome picture they can find on the net and shove it down our throats as "israeli massacre".

Pisa said...

What happened to the link?

Just in case: infomartenews