14 December 2011

The Lebanese groundhog: does he feel lonely?

At least this is what the author of the article Hassan Nasrallah's loneliness tries to prove. I will not argue with the main points, it is just that the time for celebrations doesn't seem to be too close.

However, the advent of Nasrallah's getting out of the bunker, albeit only to get back in a hurry (what does it mean weather-wise in Lebanon, I would like to know?*), is remarkable by itself.

Granted, there were some sightings of him or, at least, of his shadow, out of the bunker during these five years, but in general he is consistent in keeping low** profile.

And here my personal present to the groundhog, to mark his temporary exit with a message from another lonely guy:

(*) Unless his outing means only that a delousing and cleaning crew requested him to leave for a thorough chemical cleaning of the place.

(**) "Low" is a term of reference, and below ground is quite low by any means.


yitzgood said...

The video was censored. You did clear it with Elders headquarters, didn't you?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

You mean the f-word at the beginning? Hmm... no, in the full version of the movie I've seen there wasn't any censured bits.

yitzgood said...

No, in the US you just get a message that the copyright holder blocked it. You can't watch it at all. 

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh... interesting. It's the "I am ronery" by Kim from "Team America"... too bad.