22 December 2011

MP Aidan Burley and Europe's amnesia

The protests against Mr. Burley's unconventional party in France have rapidly been muted following his "unreserved, wholehearted and fulsome apology" to jews in a letter to the Jewish Chronicle. Whether he really meant it or just followed the rules, it's beyond the scope of this post.

Why did Mr. Burley apologize to jews?

Why does everyone seem satisfied with an apology to jews?

There is a widespread consensus that nazism is bad for jews, that espousing nazi ideas is only as wrong as the amount of outrage caused to jews. This kind of attitude leads not only to misconceptions about the real nature of nazism, but it also reinforces the wrong and dangerous viewpoint that some all-powerful jewish lobby decides what other people should believe.

When the german Luftwaffe was dropping bombs on London, it wasn't jews they were after. When nazis herded russian POWs to the gas chambers in Auschwitz, it wasn't jews they were after. The polish, the roma, Jehova's witnesses, political dissidents, anyone whom the nazis deemed suspect - they weren't jews either. Why are all these people silent now?

Jews shouldn't accept this kind of apologies anymore, unless they're offered to all the decent people in the world as well. Though I sometimes wonder where have all those decent people gone.


Georgeszirtes said...

I suspect this man was just an idiot who was drunk, Snoopy.  It's probably a caricature from old war films. Prince Harry did this once and got over it.  There is an international undertow towards versions of fascism - I think first of all of Hungary now - but I don't imagine this is a part of it. I agree about the apologies.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hi George,

First of all it's Pisa and not Snoopy in this case. And I would agree that the man is possible an inebriated drunk and, possibly, and idiot to boot.

You have put your finger on a more worrying phenomenon - what you call undertow, and yes, Hungary these days is the biggest cauldron of that brew.

I also totally agree with Pisa - he can stuff his apologies.

Shaun Downey said...

I concluded that he is far more arsehole than evil. His apology is more an indication that he is sorry he got caught red handed in the company of these jerks.

Somehow I think he will have an aversion to Hugo Boss suits in future!


Pisa said...

Of course he's an arsehole. It's exactly this casual attitude towards nazism that makes it more dangerous.