10 May 2011

Hassan Nasrallah: moving house

This was really just a joke. Timing is all, you know how it goes...

However, now it appears to be a prophetic one:

Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah has made fundamental changes in his personal security arrangements to avoid being killed like Osama Bin Laden, Arab newspaper reported.

Lebanese sources, quoting the Kuwaiti daily El-Siyassa, said that Nasrallah has moved recently from his residence in Southern Beirut to another place.

According to the Kuwaiti paper, some Western intelligence agencies proposed assassinating Nasrallah, to weaken “the world terrorism organisational structure” as well as "seizing Iranian influence in the region”.

The sources added that the disappeariance of Nasrallah from the scene would destroy Hizbullah, leaving it but an idea bereft of life.
I hope that the new bunker is fit for habitation, at least. And equipped with a tanning bed or something, they have some cool tanning beds on Amazon.

The reason I am mentioning the tanning bed is that the poor coot is looking* very pale after all these years underground:

Need to take more care of yourself, Hassan!

(*)The image is borrowed from a site here, where the guy peddles Nasrallah's pictures as wallpaper for your computer. Highly recommended, if you are into wallpaper with images of the undead.

Oh, and happy Independence Day!

And for the Russian speakers: Опять Насрала.

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David All said...

The Groundhog of Lebanon digs a new and deeper burrow!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Let him dig...

Anti-Jew said...

Hahaha You Stupid Ignorant Pigs, This is HASSAN NASRALLAH. His Name Spreads Terror Between the Jews, He is a Terrorist? Haha, Funny Shit Right There, so if i want to fight back against Israel, i am Considered a Terrorist? Ignorance. Wake Up People WAKE UP. This is The man Who will End The Existence of Israel.

This is the Picture of a Real man, He is in "Hiding" Because Israel Will Assasinate him-> No more Nasrallah-->Israel Enters Lebanon-->Israel Wins. Very Simple Equation. But Let me Tell you What will Happen in these Few Years or Decade.
Syria+Iran+Hezbollah= No more Israel.
To Netanyahu, It is too Late you Pig, Too late to Stop Hezbollah, I am Dreaming of the Day a war will Happen Again Between Lebanon and Israel, It will bring us Victory and Will Restore the Balance of Power to us Lebanese Again :) The way it was and Should be.
May God Protect Hassan Nasrallah from the Ignorance of the Zionists and SOME Americans.
Haha Jews, Funny Word which means SOON TO BE ENDANGERED RELIGION :] 
Take Care of yourself "Israel", You need all the Care you can get at the Moment :)
I dont get how we Fucked Israel Twice in a Row, and they Still think theyre stronger than Hezbollah.. Thats Pretty Pathetic.Let Him Dig?  Hes going to Be Digging your Graves you Pathetic Zionist Jewish Pigs.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

 Brr... such a rant, and deep into the night hours. You must stop eating raw tomatoes before you go to sleep, Anti-Jew.

As for our all-consuming fear of Israel, you have to learn some Russian, buddy. Check out "Опять Насрала", maybe it will show to you how exactly we are afraid of your hero and his followers (like you).

Sleep well.