19 May 2011

A 12-meter "Naqba key" in Rafah

This post was eventually recovered by good folks of Google's Blogger after several days of being in some electronic limbo. So here it comes back again, not that it's a big deal.

The whole story by Elder of Ziyon here. I shall borrow only one quote from the post:
He added a message to Israel, "There will be no security for you," and he called for the Arab and Islamic nation and the Palestinian factions to unite in Jihad and resistance until the restoration of "usurped Palestinian land."
Well, what can I do now? I know that EoZ is much more serious than I am, but that picture and this quote make addition of that infamous scene irresistible. Beg your pardon, folks.


Stinky said...

Uh -- what does that say about the keyhole?  Better to shove that thing up a Hamashole!

Anonymous said...

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