24 May 2011

Biased BBC - a new chapter

Are you getting tired of all these complaints about BBC being heavily biased in favor of Palestinian side in the I/P conflict? Sites like Biased BBC that keep track of all that seems to be wrong in the media juggernaut are getting on your nerves? Relax, the cavalry is arriving, and their preferred method of defense is, of course, to attack:

Tired of the BBC’s bias over the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? So too is The Guardian, and a new book More Bad News from Israel by Greg Philo and Mike Berry.  However, their weariness is with what they see as the BBC’s pro-Israeli bias.
Read the rest of that article, it's a hoot.

Can I complain about something else meanwhile? That smell coming out from The Guardian's general direction: shouldn't health authorities and activists (you know them folks who want to forbid smoking on the streets and stuff) start noticing?