28 December 2010

The digital story of nativity

I guess its appearance was inevitable, so I might as well post it here too and be done with the subject.

And, since we are on the subject of anything Christmas related, here are two songs to enjoy. Remember, The Watcher of Weasels is watching!


Dick Stanley said...

Cute. Well, it would have been much simpler that way.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I guess so. Cute is the precise definition of this clip.

David All said...

Very funny, Snoopy! Thanks for linking to it. Yes, that is how the Nativity story would happen today with a video on YouTube of the infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Three Wise Men from Persia.

Note: Nizo, our favorite gay Palestinian Christian, once posted that Mary was his favorite Jewish woman of all time!