21 December 2010

Afarin Maleki-Raei affair

It's a pretty standard story: boy meets girl, boys says things to girl, girl says things to boy, and suddenly there is a communication issue, all because of one single word. So it happened in this case, where a boy named... er... Blazing Cat Fur met a girl named Afarin Maleki-Raei. All she wanted was to express her not totally complete satisfaction with his garage that was designed (and, most probably, by the previous owner of the property) to some overly Zionist architecture. Here is a picture of that garage:

All that she wanted to express was that tiny dissatisfaction, and (almost) all she wrote was:
You will know what suffering means you dirty Zionist garage.
Since Afarin, when under excitement or pressure, tends to miss some letters and even words, she intended to hint playfully at some painful games she will subject Blazing Cat Fur to if he doesn't clean up that garage. And here we are now. Of course, she could be a bit kinky (in a good way) and offer participation of her two good friends in the suffering games mentioned:
You will see how fast either Det. Ian Mason or Maurizio Gentili have you in handcuffs and crying like a little baby.
But it's all offered in good faith and for fun. There is no accounting for tastes, and she certainly expected Blazing Cat Fur to accept the offer gratefully. But, stung by what he erroneously perceived as an insult in the first quote, he was not very receptive to the idea.

And then it all went downhill... other people got hold of the allegedly offensive letter and published it, which act naturally incensed Afarin whose temper is somewhat explosive. She answered by another letter, where, being even more excited, she made some other typos and even grammar errors which caused the whole to look rather too grim. That is, if I were an officer of the law, which I ain't, thanks deity.

Speaking about temper, here is another example how Afarin's temper got hold of her and caused another misunderstanding. Some Muslim person expressed his/her unhappiness with antisocial behavior of a few Muslim folks in London during the Armistice Day (namely burning Poppies). Afarin, naturally incensed by the report, obviously decided that it was the fault of some other people and responded:
Yeah... this is how scandals are born - because of misunderstandings.

Now you may have noticed that I have emphasized words "garage" and "architect" in the text above. It was done on purpose. Let's start with Afarin's blogger profile:

So, as you can see, we have her displeasure with the Zionist design explained: she deals in architecture and, as such, is naturally sensitive to the slightest nuances of building's design. Which explains and totally exhausts the architecture issue.

Garages now. This is a bit more complicated and deserves your attention and readiness to get into some details. You see, there is a Toronto Auto Station secondhand car dealership that is somehow or other related to our fair Afarin. There were several cases of misunderstanding between Toronto Auto Station and its customers (communication issues run in the family, apparently). And lo and behold: Afarin is already there, trying to settle the dispute by all means, including an offer to involve her police friend mentioned above:
Ask her how Det. Maurizio Gentili is dispatched to protect us and call them filthy Jews to their face.
This is what I call kinky - in a good way, of course (you understand that I want to stay on the good side of Afarin). And, besides kinky, did I mention poetic? Here:
I asked you nicely to remove all references to my family. You did not comply now you will deal with the glorious and brutal York Regional Police. I declare a Fatwa on you and your loved ones. 
I can't wait to see your Zonist blood in the streets and I envision you crying over teh grave of a dead loved one. Do you know in Iran, after te revolution, me and my family cheered in teh streets as teh glorious Islamic warriors strung you in the streets and disembowled your stomachs.
Glorious and brutal... Zonist blood in the streets... brrr. But there is more. It appears that Afarin and her hubby (who heads that Toronto Auto Station outfit) have a relative, one Ben Hafez-Amini,  in Dallas Texas who is going out on a limb to defend his Canadian brethren. And his writing beats even that of Afarin - if that's humanly possible, seemingly due to his even higher blood pressure. In spite of being a Texan of sorts, he has some interesting discussions about USA policy and other related matters that underline his hot temper too.

By the way, he is also into some far-out stuff, and believe it or not, with the same York police officer Det. Maurizio Gentili! Det.  Gentili certainly gets around. That is if he exists at all, of course.

So, what can I say as a conclusion? That Afarin Maleki-Raei affair is getting complicated, what with some harsh words exchanged as a result of a few typos, that York police offers a range of services that could be the envy of many less progressive police departments, that Dallace (Texas) carries some interesting folks which could bear looking into up close and personal... what else? Enough for one post, I guess.


Dick Stanley said...

Kosher and regular? How do you ensure Kosher gasoline?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

It's probably one that is produced by strictly Orthodox brewery... I mean refinery.

shira said...

<span>"I can't wait to see your Zonist blood in the streets and I envision you crying over teh grave of a dead loved one." </span>

<span><span>so... he'll be dead, and alive? is it because of his Zionist blood traits? but then, wouldn't his loved ones also be dead... and alive  I'm guessing Zionists don't mix their blood with those lesser qualities- where do tears fit in here?</span></span>
<span><span> she's a weird chick, I'm all confused.</span></span><span></span>
<p><span> </span>


Akaky said...

Those frigging Zonists, it's all their fault, them and their pals on the Board of Appeals. Because of them we can't get cable television put in here because this place is zoned for commercial use only. Frigging bastards.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Weird is an understatement of the century. She sounds like a total meshuggene.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Commercial? Now way, the Elders are going to take it all over. Then it will be free ZioCable for everyone. Maybe with special plugs for direct intra-brain connection...

James Del Rios said...

This nut job Afarin Maleki-Raei is now working at MMM Group Liited inThornhill. She's the manager's "favorite" mistake. What a looney toon she is.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, definitely a gift for any enterprise that will hire her.

Durt Hoffman said...

To see what kind of dirty pig “detective”
Maurizio Gentili #1133 of the York Regional Police is and to see what
kind of pig Afarin Maleki and her dirty Islamic clan are:

Her Uncle – Bahman Hafez Amini , terrorist supporter and owner of terrorist money launder operation in the USA:


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks Durt, the whole story is astonishing, to say the least...

Dead Wood said...

Apparently she has been giving many "gifts" to the York Regional Police officers who protect her (Det. Cst. Maurizio Gentili #1133 and Det. Mark Charlebois #815). You should see some of the Nazi letters she has sent via postal mail. I recently seen a copy....WHOAAAA!!!!

Dead Wood said...

Afarin Maleki has a long psychiatric record of depression, manic episodes and psychosis. She shouldn't be working at an engineering firm PERIOD!!!

Dead Wood said...

It is more disgusting than anything else. Seeing Muslim Anti-Semites like Afarin Maleki is an every day occurrence in Torontostan. That's no big deal these days. Watching the police protect her for a little tail and $$$ is what is disgusting beyond belief. Watching Det. Mark "This ain't Canada" Charlebois #815 of the York Regional Police involved with this family, and Dirty Eric Jolliffe (Police Chief) knowing about the alliance, is downright criminal.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Some police department it is... oh well.

Afarin Maleki-Raei said...

Remove this article immediately or I will make a formal criminal Harassment complain with the York Regional Police.