27 December 2010

And now we have it all together...

After the recent eruption of our unleashed FM Lieberman and the rebuke from his (at least on paper) boss Bibi, followed by yet another show of belligerence by said Lieberman, the picture of our government problems became that much clearer.

Just recently Bibi disavowed his other important minister and loyal ally - Ehud Barak, after the latter's speech.

So, all in all the picture is quite grim:

  • A foreign minister that doesn't represent his PM and his government
  • A minister of defense that doesn't represent his PM and his government
  • A PM that doesn't really know what his foreign policy is and from time to time knows what it isn't
  • FM that is good only when biting foreign VIPs is the mission
  • Minister of defense that doesn't represent his own party
  • Interior Minister (Eli Yishai) that is mostly good for pissing off our friends.
Giving a bad name to the term "dysfunctional"...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Sounds like too many loose cannons in the corridors of power.

Our own coalition looks like it may head that way too., not that I will be sorry about that!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Cannons? I would use another comparison, but whatever works....