25 August 2010

Reactionary scum are reactionary scum, the world round

The "anti-war" dirtbags at their vilest. By Terry Glavin.

And the worst thing yet - they appear to be winning in the White House and other high windows.


Katie said...

You must remember you are not dealing with adults here. The liberal mind is a very immature mind.  It has never reconciled to the fact that it is grown up. Thus when ever the liberal mind is confronted with facts it cannot ignore, it will do the childish thing.  In this case condemn the victim, in other cases a cry of racist is used.

The proper treatment for these people is a good spanking followed by sending them to bed without their supper.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Spanking is too good for them. Some (or even many) of them thrive on spanking ;)