29 August 2010

Ministry of infrastructure and the way it all goes...

To many a person who is able to compare the two, our little state here sometimes reminds too much the big state over there, namely Russia. Our founding fathers, at least most of them, came from over there, or from places once controlled by the big bad Russian bear. Thus our purely Russian tendency to let the things take their course, to leave for the day after tomorrow everything that could (and should) be done yesterday etc. This goes for our wars, our economic decisions, our seemingly carefree way of managing everything.

The ministry of infrastructure recently offered a good example of how (not) to manage the decisions of yesterday.

The National Infrastructures Ministry on Thursday issued a tender for a consultant to do an economic analysis of the feasibility of electric cars compared to gasoline-powered and other alternative energy vehicles.
Quite astonishing - to everyone who is aware of the Better Place enterprise that is in progress for almost two years, gathering momentum, building infrastructure for the next year's (hopefully) introduction and mass marketing of electric cars, creating partnerships and accruing huge amounts of investments in Israel and abroad.

There is indeed a tender (in Hebrew), which, in general, repeats what is written in that article linked above:
According to the tender, the consultant will be asked to evaluate clean transport options and the electric car and its components, including its infrastructure requirements such as the electricity grid. Energy needs of current electric cars and those in development and the environmental ramifications based on energy use will also be examined.
Yeah... and this is the way the Cossacks in our government manage it...


Pisa said...

Can't you see that this is just a new conspiracy by our indefatigable Elders? Regress as much as we can, become a third world country, let arab states invade and decimate us, and - voila! - we''ll be able to raise our heads in front of the international community. They'll love us. We'll be able to kill, plunder, steal organs, forget about ethics - all this under the sympathetic eyes of our new brothers at Amnesty International, the UN, and all the 3940258282859028058 NGOs supporting the right of the oppressed to oppress. Peace and love, man!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

But you must always remember, Pisa, that we are awful good in creating inquiry committees after the fact.