19 August 2010

David Pur, world's oldest man, lives in Israel

He has trouble seeing, but as one who has repeated the prayers for more than a century, he knows them by heart. David Pur, age 115, continues to learn Torah and to pray every day, now in the nursing home to where he moved just three months ago.
And he was not too shy to disclose the secret of his longevity:
  • At breakfast, he drinks a glass of brandy and eats nuts.
  • For nearly 110 years he smoked...
  • He rejected a potential remarriage ten years ago.
At this age, it will be a crime to wish David the classic Jewish 120 years. Be well and keep plugging, David!

Oh, and David has another advice on longevity of a different kind:
We must be strong with the regime of the ayatollahs and not fear them.


soccerdhg said...

"He rejected a potential remarriage ten years ago."

Reminds me of a joke a friend told me years ago.

A 90 year old man goes to an insurance agent and asks to buy a policy. The agent is skeptical, but then the man says, "Well you sold a policy to my father. He's 120."
The agent, checks his records and sure enough, he sold a policy to the man's 120 year old father. So he calls the older gentleman in and says,"I see we sold you a policy, do you recall why we did?"
The older man says, "Well, actually you recently sold a policy to my father."
"Your father," the agent exclaimed incredulously, "how old is he?"
"150" answered the man.
"And why was he buying insurance at that age?"
"Why, he was getting married!"
"Getting married?"
"Well he didn't really want to, but his parents made him!"

SnoopyTheGoon said...

He he. That's a cool one indeed.

Dick Stanley said...

He quit smoking at 110? What the hell for? The brandy and nuts I like, however.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Probably like this British lady - for financial reasons.

David All said...

Thanks Snoopy for this post. I wish my namesake well. Always thought that a brandy in the morning was good for you.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Uhu... I am already considering the addition to my diet.