24 August 2010

American takeover of Al Qaeda - good or bad?

I've recently got an interesting article from a friend. It's titled Under New American Management Al-Qaida Now Poses Inner Threat. The main point of the article is that:

If al-Qaida looks and sounds different as we approach 9/11's ninth anniversary, it's because it's under new American management. No fewer than four U.S. citizens and a permanent U.S. resident have risen to senior leadership posts.

These five English-speaking leaders are actively planning or facilitating attacks against their countrymen, while recruiting and radicalizing other American turncoats to carry them out.
There is no contradiction between the two numbers mentioned, I can assure you (I have spent some time counting): five is indeed no fewer than four.

While some people, especially in US, can take umbrage at the story, I feel somewhat cheered up by it. It is good to know that Americans are becoming more and more involved in the management of that unruly bunch. The intrinsic American talent for high quality of management, for installing order where there was none and the commercial savvy will surely bring Al Qaeda into the fold.

Very soon, I predict, Al Qaeda will get itself incorporated according to the international law, quit it excessively tough bargaining policy and become one of the more successful international financial colossi with an undeniably huge geographic footprint.

We shall see in the near future the golden arches of the big M on top of Tora Bora ridge, the Walmart parking lots in Waziristan and Taliban folks in orderly ticket queues at AMC cinema house in Marjah. Or Mecca, whatever comes first.

It is not for nothing that the article was posted on Investors.com, after all.

Watch the upcoming IPO, I say...


Anonymous said...

1 would have to agree. If you have seen 1 of these terrorists, you have seen them ALL! LOL!

jams o donnell said...

On the other hand what chance of a Hooters in Tora Bora though? I suppose an orange and white burqa would be quite fetching!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Let's keep the optimist outlook. Sooner or later Hooters will get there. Or will get them, whatever comes first.  As for burqas - design is very important, just check out this one: