11 December 2013

The story of untasted Romanee-Conti

This article really discombobulated me. Not that I am a renown connoisseur of wine but this was strange by any standard:

A Chinese buyer said he shipped a high-priced bottle of wine he bought from the prime minister of France home to China without tasting it first. Huang Lushen paid a premium price of 10,500 euros ($14,390) at auction for the burgundy, which came from the personal cellar of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.
There are only two possible explanations:
  • The (unnamed) writer of this piece has a very refined sense of humor.
  • The said writer doesn't have a slightest idea what he is writing about.
Anyway, next time I happen to buy one of these, I shall definitely ask the seller to open the bottle for me to have a sniff first, before I pay.

Then I shall run very fast.