25 December 2013

And this is in The Guardian!?

It's interesting that this turned up, via The Times of Israel, in The Guardian. Yes that Guardian. It's a nice Ramachanumas kind of tale, how the falling to pieces, Moorish style, Reform synagogue, the last in Bradford, was saved through the intervention of a local Moslem who serves on the Board of a nearby mosque.

The story itself is no longer that remarkable: I'm sure lots of folk in the UK could tell similar stories of cross-cultural assistance. After all, the vast majority of people anywhere aren't any sort of extremists and, left to themselves, will find ways of getting on with whoever they happen to live near.

It's just that it' in The Guardian that I find it difficult to get my head round! Maybe I'm the one who's not so liberal after all. Or maybe the editorial folks at The G. had a rush of Christmassy feelings, or something. Anyway, the full story is here, and it is, despite its provenance, quite heart-warming.

By Brian Goldfarb.