18 December 2013

Higgs Boson, doomsday of the universe and Zionist roots of it all

It started sometime in the spring of 2013 with a side notice, related to the eventual measurement of Higgs Boson in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, with one of the results showing some interesting side effects, not having to do with the experimental part of LHC, rather with calculation of boson mass. The result - potential instability of our universe (that we don't know but like nevertheless) didn't bother many people at the time, suffice to read the article to this point:

Most theorists don't seem to be too worried about the destruction of our universe, because metastability would not manifest itself anytime soon—if ever.
So there.

But later, some other physicists got into the theoretical part of the Higgs Boson business, and more results have started coming out. Showing that:
It could be in a billion years, it could start tomorrow, but physicists have long predicted that the universe may one day collapse, and that everything in it will be compressed to a small hard ball.

Sooner or later a radical shift in the forces of the universe will cause every little particle in it to become extremely heavy. Everything - every grain of sand on Earth, every planet in the solar system and every galaxy – will become millions of billions times heavier than it is now, and this will have disastrous consequences: The new weight will squeeze all material into a small, super hot and super heavy ball, and the universe as we know it will cease to exist.
According to eggheads, we will apparently have a ball. The only problem so far is that no one knows (yet) when exactly it will happen, which lack of knowledge severely impacts (to take one example) my personal outlook re financial, health and alcohol intake matters.

And then the inimitable Daily Mail came up with this headline:

Could the universe collapse TODAY? Physicists claim that risk is ‘more likely than ever and may have already started’

And of course, Daily Mail has shown the culprits behind the whole collapsing into a ball business.

Peter Higgs: an anti-Zionist Brit, which nowadays is de rigueur in some circles. But look who is his silent partner: a Belgian pro-Zionist Jew Francois Englert!

They have already tried to get us all using their black holes. Now they have gone for the jugular with that darn boson, and fixing to succeed.

OK. I am investing the whole bundle in Glenmorangie. And don't call me, the phone will be disconnected.

Update: someone has already got onto us:
The God particle is a hoax and a fraud perpetrated by Rothschild Zionist funded CERN

Just so they can maintain their nihilistic and atheistic view that God doesn't exist and that we are insignificant in the universe, they will disclose that they have "found" the God particle when really the whole thing is a hoax and a fraud cover for something else i.e. BLAZAR or portal to let evil interdimensional entities to come through.