24 December 2013

Bibi's sign language, Mandela and more dots to connect

The news that Bibi is being spied on by NSA came with a yawn already attached.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu routinely assumes that he is being spied upon and therefore goes to extraordinary lengths to prevent his work being compromised by foreign agencies, Israeli TV reported on Friday night, in the wake of revelations that US and British intelligence services intercepted emails in his office and that of his predecessor Ehud Olmert and also spied on former defense minister Ehud Barak.
However, Bibi seems to be prepared to this eventuality.
Netanyahu has no computer in his office, does not use email, and does not maintain a private phone, Channel 2 reported.

More dramatically, when discussing especially sensitive issues even at his home, Netanyahu and guests sometimes resort to “gestures” rather than speech, because of concerns that they are being listened to, Channel 10 reported.
So, good luck with that spying...

However, for the connoisseurs of cheap thrillers, there are a few dots to connect. First, the Mossad roots in South Africa:
Mossad (Israel’s espionage service) provided weapons training to Nelson Mandela in 1962, just a few months before he was arrested by the apartheid regime.
And, of course, the next dot is (almost) clear to all now:

Nelson Mandela memorial sign language interpreter denies he is fake.
Of course it wasn't fake and of course, there is no schizophrenia in the picture. Just Bibi's special sign language, developed about 3.5 thousands years ago by the Elders' Signals Dept.