29 December 2013

Rule 5: Fernanda Lima vs Ayatollahs - 1:0

One could mix football and nice people. One shouldn't mix football with nice people and medieval fanatics. Here is a fair example of nice people:

This is Fernanda Lima, a Brazilian actress, model and television host. And here is the story:
Celebrities are often abused on social media, but Brazilian supermodel Fernanda Lima got more than her share after she hosted last week's draw for next year's World Cup soccer tournament.

Lima assisted a FIFA official in pulling the names of countries out of a bowl and sorting them into groups. That's probably not controversial — unless you happen to live in a conservative country, like Iran.

The problem: Fernanda Lima was wearing a tight, gold-colored dress with a rather revealing neckline — not a big thing in Brazil and elsewhere. The outfit was quite popular with many viewers around the world.

There were lots of positive comments on social media. But in Iran, it was a completely different story. The Islamic Republic doesn't allow women deemed to be dressed immodestly on television, so every time the camera focused on Lima, the picture was dropped on Iranian TV.

This made for terrible viewing for Iranian soccer fans waiting to find out who Iran was going to be playing at the World Cup.
So, to soothe the feelings of some overly pious football fans and, especially, their spiritual masters, the Ayatollahs, here comes Fernanda Lima in a proper dress:

Take it or leave it, but this is the last offer.