08 December 2013

Ryan Fogle's capture or what FSB and CIA don't want you to know

The strange story of a purported US diplomat/spy Ryan Fogle made a bit of noise in May of 2013, to be quickly drowned in a wave of nonsense. A set of wigs, a compass, a street atlas, an exceedingly stupid letter - all these look like an attempt to bury the sliver of truth in an avalanche of horse manure. Interestingly, the American response to that crude parody on the (initially crude and awkward) Soviet popular spy stories was very subdued. As the WaPo writer astutely remarks:

And the whole sequence of events is reminding some Russians of a popular Cold War miniseries here, about KGB agents dramatically thwarting Western spy plots, that was called “TASS is authorized to declare...”
So very true. Until you look again at this famous picture, made during the capture of Mr Fogle:

The only mistake made by FSB was to let this picture out of their hands, because a simple enlargement shows a detail which is crucial for our understanding of the case:

You can't miss the light in the left eye of the captured "diplomat". And no, it's not the "red eye" effect in action, the camera is not facing the eyes directly, which usually causes the effect (when flash is activated). And even a beginner in vampire studies knows that:
In vampires, the iris in each eye becomes hyperdilated, giving them what appear to be black eyes. In addition, the retina now reflects more light into the rod cells, causing the eyes to shimmer in the dark.
Compare the enlargement above with a picture of a typical vampire in its night configuration to make sure:

Now, I hope, the reasons for CIA being so quiet about the story became obvious. And what about the FSB silence?


Any questions?