11 October 2011

Vacation notice

Due to richly deserved vacation, services from this blog member will be interrupted for a month or so. But no worries, Pisa with (hopefully) contributions from Brian will keep the blog going. So there, I am on vacation:


Katie said...

With all the wonderful places to vacation why did you choose somewhere that is cold and wintery?  Why not some where like Hawaii, Tahiti, or Jamaica?

Have a good vacation.

Francis Sedgemore said...

I vaguely recall going on holiday. It was many, many moons ago, and I can no longer remember the details. It may well have been my and my now ex's honeymoon, which I believe had something to do with Connemara, beer and traditional music.

Whatever you do on your hols, be gentle with any Russian boxers you encounter on the way. They are such sensitive souls.

Dick Stanley said...

You may find the fur coat suitable for the first part of the trip but you'll want to pack it for the second part. Our October weather is only chilly at night and then only in the 60s F. Have a safe and fun trip. Be good to see y'all again.

Brian Goldfarb said...

<span>"But no worries, Pisa with (hopefully) contributions from Brian will keep the blog going." </span>

<span>Thanks for the vote of confidence, Snoopy! I'll try - and I'm sure Pisa will too). In fact, I've got a post in mind...watch this space! </span>

GideonSwort said...

Ok people this post's link has nothing to do with STG's destination. It's a field photo of the unshaven Goon in action. What you are seeing is a three day stubble in fact.

Goon, if you check in here, I need something from Costco, so pop a Skype session will Ya.

David All said...

Yes,  the photo was probably taken of Snoopy on his latest undercover mission in Russia. 

Happy Vacation, Snoopy! Hope you have a great time whereever you and SWMBO go.